About Me

Off My Plate is my way of sharing with the world my passion for food.  I like to write about food, read about food, look at pictures of food, take pictures of food, eat food, shop for food, watch people prepare food on television or in person, and prepare food in my own kitchen or in anyone's kitchen.  There are many thrilling things in life to do-skydiving, traveling to China, cruising the Caribbean, attending the Superbowl or driving a Ferrari.  If we get to do any of those things just once in our lives, then we are lucky.  Once in a while these thrilling things may happen, but being happy and excited with the small, everyday details is what truly enriches a simple life.  

This is why I appreciate the simple but oh so necessary human need that we all have-eating.  Sure, we could simply go to the store and buy months' worth of Spaghetti O's, Lean Cuisines and protein bars to live on or hit up Subway, Chicl-Fil-A, or Wendy's when our hunger strikes.  But taking the time to make what you eat creative, personal and special gives you a connection to where ingredients are made or grown, why we use these particular ingredients, and what cultures from which these ingredients originate.  Preparing and trying foods from different cultures is our passport to the world without ever having to leave your home town.  Although, it may inspire you to do so.  I hope that you too will appreciate how easily we can enrich our lives and families' lives by taking the time to be mindful and interested in what we eat.  After all, we are what we eat.  

~Elizabeth Macaluso Barrabee

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