Autumn Leaves Inspired by Sophia

Since moving to Philadelphia from New Orleans, there are a few qualities about this north east city
that I have truly come to appreciate. One quality in particular is 4 seasons. Having 4 seasons is quite foreign to me being from a city where the temperature varies from hot to hotter. The Fall season in Philadelphia brings a beauty and comfort equivalent to a hot bowl of chili or soup. The warmth of the vibrant colors of nature carries over to you as it gets cooler.

My little 3 year old niece, Sophia, recently had the traumatic experience of moving from her mountain town in Colorado to a hill country town in Texas. As Sophia looked at her new school in Texas, she said, "At school we are learning about Autumn leaves." She remembered this lesson from her old school in Colorado. Then she asked her Nona, "Nona, what are Autumn leaves?" I found this little story to be so sweet but sad because now that she lives in Texas I'm not sure if she will be seeing many autumn leaves.

Sophia inspired me to photograph some of my Autumn leaves here in Philadelphia. Sophia-these are autumn leaves.

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  1. Sophia is getting to see some autumn leaves here in Texas. They are just a bit different than they were in Colorado. Lots of red, oranges and yellows here...in Colorado the focus is on the brilliant change of the aspen leaves which is from green to almost chartreuse yellow to gold. Beautiful!


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