Snowstorm Part I: Snowed In with Blue Steel Pizza

Last weekend in preparation for a weekend inside from the snow, my husband and I took our Friday pizza night tradition to a new level. At our local pizza shop,
Luigi's Pizza Fresca, a gourmet Italian eatery, we found maybe the largest pizza I have ever seen.

Called Blue Steel Pizza named for the very large rectangle pan in which the pizza is baked, this pizza brings a super bang for the buck with its ability to feed an army or just a couple of people for days and days. Crispy on the outside and chewy in the center, the taste and texture of the Blue Steel crust is perfection. The crust is not too thin and not too thick, the perfect support for many delicious toppings.

Creativity took
over for our topping selections. We asked to divide the topping into four quadrants. On one half of the Blue Steel, we asked for a red sauce with toppings of sausage on one quarter and pepperoni on the other. On the other half, we opted for a white pizza with a quarter of tomato and artichoke and the other with mushrooms and black olives. With more toppings and slices than we could really handle, we were thoroughly set for the snowy, cold weekend in doors.

I think we managed to eat maybe a quarter of this pizza on our traditional Friday movie and pizza night while the rest of the pie was slowly consumed throughout the snowed-in weekend and on Super Bowl Monday. There is still one slice left of this pizza masterpiece that might be useful tomorrow during the snowstorm which will leave us snowed-in yet again.

Check out Luigi's Pizza Fresca at their Fairmount location in the Art Museum area in Philadelphia. Their menu is not limited to pizza, Luigi's also offers an array of great Italian eats such as calzones, strombolis, paninis, hoagies, steaks, pasta dishes and salads. If you are in New Jersey, then check out locations in Marlton or Burlington.

Blue Steel Pizza, a tasty way to deal with being snowed-in while also providing good fuel for shoveling snow and digging out your snow-buried car. Enjoy today!

Luigi's Pizza Fresca

2401 Fairmount
Philadelphia, PA 19130


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  1. Your pizza looks amazing. We are snowed in with NO pizza. We may not survive.


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