It has been 2 months to date since I have published a blog entry. Each and every single one of those days I thought about writing; I wished I were writing; I craved the moment where I would have the freedom to focus and write. The same goes for cooking. Sometimes in life, priorities shift and in the last couple of months my priorities were set on my job and the renovation of my new home. But too much time has past and I know deep down that I need to be writing and cooking because those two things are a part of who I am. Without further ado, I apologize to my followers, friends, family and myself for not making the time to write. I apologize to all the food that has not been written about and all of the recipes that were not prepared. You deserve better! And I will do my best to write and cook as much as I possibly can.



  1. I must admit I keep checking this page regularly wanting for new posts! But I understand...just think how much fun you will have trying new recipes in your new home's kitchen! Don't worry, me and all your other faithful followers will be here when you get back :)

  2. Not to worry . . . life is what happens when we are making other plans . . . keep cooking and writing . . . your columns are the best!


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