Amazing Tuna Avocado Salad for 2

Check out this awesome recipe from my talented sister, Christina. She posted this one on her blog, which features her beautiful photography, paintings and designs.

Check out this link to view her recipe for Amazing Tuna Avocado Salad for 2.


This is the kind of recipe that turns an average lunch or dinner into something that you would order in a restaurant. I know it will taste delicious but it is also a feast for the eyes. Presentation is key in making a simple meal extraordinary. This is also a great way of combining and showcasing healthful ingredients. She combines the lean protein of albacore tuna, vitamin-packed greens and cherry tomatoes and the healthful fat of avocado to create a filling and satisfying meal.

Thanks Christina for making a beautiful recipe. Also check out her beautiful art and designs at http://rsvp-ink.blogspot.com/.

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