Philadelphia Marathon Eve Dinner Specials

As a new "runner", which I say loosely as I am nowhere near the ranks of those getting ready to run the Philadelphia Marathon next Sunday, November 20th, I am super excited that Phila Marathon has teamed up with local restaurants to offer pre-fixe dinner menus designed to get runners fueled for the big race. This is such a great concept especially knowing that so many will be traveling to our great city for the weekend.

Getting nervous for the 26.2 miles, then click on this link http://www.philadelphiamarathon.com/pasta-dinner-dine-and-explore to check out the many dining options you will have for Saturday night. Hopefully, imagining the delicious meals you could have the night before the race will help take your mind away from the enormity of it all. On this list, you have your pick of locations with some Center City, Old City and Fairmount restaurants. As a Fairmount resident, I must elaborate on the special offered at a local favorite - London Grill, located at the corner of 23rd Street and Fairmount Avenue. For $35, your "Night Before" Marathon Dinner starts with a cocktail or mocktail (your choice), Ribolita Soup, your choice of House Made Uova Raviol0, House Whole Wheat Fetticini or 'Best of Philly' Potato Pizza, and last but certainly not least, Dark Bittersweet Chocolate Souffle Cake.

The cocktail is called "Sweet Tart 'Drinking Vinegar' Soda". Vinegar has many health benefits, so why not create a healthy runner's cocktail out of it. Sounds a bit odd but I have faith in the skilled bartenders of London Grill to make a fabulous cocktail or mocktail. The appetizer of Ribolita Soup is a Tuscan bread soup packed with vegetables, beans, Tuscan kale, cabbage, tomatoes and herbs. After this vitamin-packed starter, you will be good and ready to continue loading on the carbs. It will be difficult to decide between these three entrees, each one with its own character and wow factor.

The first option, House Made Uova Raviol0, is filled with fresh ricotta cheese, Parmesan Reggiano and an egg served with brown butter and truffle. This dish will make all of that training and running worth it. House Whole Wheat Fetticini tossed with chicken, bread crumbs, goat cheese, pine nuts, herbs and extra virgin olive oil is your second entree choice, which will give you the perfect combination of carbs, protein and robust flavor. Finally, the 'Best of Philly' Potato Pizza is a thin crust pizza topped with sliced potatoes, Fontina cheese, Mozzarella, rosemary and truffle oil. With its 'Best of Philly' label, I really don't need to say much more. The only thing I will say is truffle oil. Sold!

While celebrating in the elation of courses one and two, the happiness will only continue with the finale of this marathoner's dream meal - a Dark Bittersweet Chocolate Souffle Cake. My only advice is to make reservations now and reserve for early in the evening to allow for plenty of time to digest before getting a good night's sleep. I am hoping it is not required to be a marathon registrant to get this deal because I am ready for London Grill's "Night Before" Marathon Dinner this Saturday. Or in my case, "Night Before" Sunday Dinner.

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